First VM retrofit in Turkey

After 719,737 operations the time had come. The nine-year-old OILTAP® M tap changer at the EGE Celik steel mill (Istanbul, Turkey) has been replaced with a new VACUTAP® VM®. MR specialists swiftly carried out the replacement together with employees from EGE in late November 2012.

EGE Celik is among the most important steel mills in Turkey, with 2,000,000 tons/year of steel production and 1,200,000 tons/year of wire rod. The energy for the melting process comes from two identical 90 MVA furnace transformers, each equipped with two MR tap changers. Now the MR OILTAP® tap changers in one of the two transformers have been replaced with a modern tap changer utilizing vacuum switching technology.

The advantages of the new VACUTAP® tap changers are especially significant in these kinds of demanding applications. Maximum dependability, maintenance-free performance for 300,000 operations and a mechanical service life of 1.2 million operations are, without a doubt, compelling arguments in this industry. Upon completion, everyone was satisfied with the easy replacement and quick startup. The second transformer is now ready for replacement…


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