Stefan Rosenmüller

    Training: Process Engineering for Plastic and Rubber Technology

    "I decided to pursue my vocational training at MR due to its international nature and the great prestige the training program enjoys.

    I think it's awesome that in addition to training in plastics, students also learn basic knowledge in metal crafting, turning and milling. Trainees at MR circulate among the various departments, which offers a great deal of variety.

    To date, my highlight has been working in the test lab. There, I was particularly impressed by the state-of-the-art instruments such as the scanning electron microscope.

    After completing my training in Process Engineering, I would like to stay at MR and likely will pursue further training to become a technician.

    My tip from an experienced trainee to a prospective trainee: choose the vocation that you personally find the most fun. Don't let others influence your opinion too much."