Zhifeng Ye

    Education: B.A. Electrical and automation engineering
    Position: Order processor Service (OPS)
    At MR since: 2007

    "When I started at MRT after finishing my bachelor's, I still didn't have any specific ideas about what an engineer in a service department does. But even the first few months at my job showed me that maintenance and repair deployments entail a lot of traveling and constantly contending with unpredictable incidents. That makes work very challenging, but also makes it highly varied.

    Work at MR involves exciting projects time and time again. One of those projects was ensuring the power supply during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. At the time, many stadiums were being specially equipped with tap changers from MR. Three of my engineer colleagues were in the power station not far from the Olympic Stadium to immediately handle any problems. They were on the clock at all times and could not afford to let one error slip through. That is why I was really proud that they could fulfill this huge responsibility and that the Olympic Games were an unforgettable experience—also thanks to our project team.  

    Since new challenges await me every day, I've set the goal for myself to develop continuously and acquire new knowledge. This is why I started a part-time master's program at Tongji University, which I completed in 2013.

    Being able to work for MR fills me with pride. I'm also happy to be part of such an outstanding team."