Thomas Strof

    Education: Doctorate in energy technology
    Position: Product verification testing manager
    At MR since: July 2002

    "I joined MR about 10 years ago as a project manager, then I was a manager in applications and now I'm responsible for verifying products during the testing phase. The highlight of my career to date was handling the project management for building our new test site - the only one of its kind anywhere in the world.

    I feel very much at home with tap changers because I now have 20 years of experience in this field. There have been a lot of new developments in recent times …energy technology has again been brought bang up to date. As a technician, MR is particularly attractive because the work is very much focused on technology. After all, we are tap changer technology leaders... there's always plenty to keep the technicians busy.

    I hope that the economic conditions remain favorable for MR and I look forward to plenty of new technical challenges in the future."