Carina Klimstein

    Education: Graduate in business administration (university of applied sciences)
    Position: Personal assistant in the organization and IT department
    At MR since: September 2005

    "I first found out about MR when I did work experience here when I was at school. Because the working atmosphere was so good and the job itself was so varied, I decided to train here as an industrial business management assistant.

    And because I've always been passionate about business management, I studied the subject part time after I'd finished my training and had taken on my new role as secretary at MR. Today I'm the assistant to management for the organization and IT department.

    My own personal highlight so far was my involvement in a key MR project. The workshop on the structure of company divisions where I collaborated directly with our management team and colleagues from senior management was really exciting.

    At MR I don't just like the friendly way we work together within the departments but also how the team spirit extends across all areas - you really get a sense of belonging when pursuing shared goals. MR also provides good opportunities for further development. I love the way that you aren't just asked to do things but get active support and encouragement.

    Do I envisage staying here a while yet? You bet I do. MR is a great employer."