We provide a large number of services to support the GRIDCON® product family.

Advice on voltage regulation in the distribution grid

Help with assessing and selecting technology for voltage regulation in the distribution grid and help with project implementation.

Grid calculation/analysis

Investigation of grids for possible current and future voltage range problems, working out possible solutions and simulating expansion scenarios.

Implementation of regulation algorithms

Help with selecting, parameterizing and implementing voltage regulation algorithms in the distribution grid.

Connection to secondary technology

Planning connection of the voltage regulated distribution transformer or regulation algorithms to the control room systems

Project planning local grid stations

Planning the components and their integration, including writing technical documents, documentation and logistic processes

Commissioning local grid stations

Logistic and electro-technical processes of commissioning a new local grid station, including looping in cables and activating in the medium- and low-voltage grid

Transformer replacement

Logistic and electro-technical processes of replacing a non-regulated transformer with a regulated one in an existing local grid station, including deactivating the old transformer and activating the new one.