The system solution for controllable local grid transformers

Technical Data

Number of phases 3
Application At any point in the winding
Max. rated through current Ium (A) 30
Rated short time current (in A) 600
Rated duration of short-cicuits (in s) 3
Rated peak withstand current (in A) 1,500
Maximum rated step voltage Uim (in V) 600
Maximum rated tapping voltage Uim (in V) 1,200
Step capacity PStN (in VA) 9,000
Maximum number of operating positions 9
Rated insulation level  

Highest voltage for equipment Um (in kV)


Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (in kV 1.2 / 50 μs)


Rated short duration power frequency withstand voltage (in kV, 50 Hz 1 min)

Rated frequency (in Hz) 50
Temperature range of transformer oil -25°C to +105°C
Maximum permissible overpressure/vacuum (in bar) +/-0.3
Maximum number of tap-change operations 700,000

Product description

GRIDCON® iTAP® is the first mass-produced solution for controllable local grid transformers and consists of the on-load tap-changer, motor-drive unit and voltage regulator.

Controllable local grid transformers with GRIDCON® iTAP® are:

  • Compact – They fit into every compact station, as their width and depth are identical to unregulated transformers
  • Maintenance-free – Thanks to the innovative vacuum technology, no maintenance is required for the entire life of the transformer
  • Durable – They have the same service life as an uncontrolled transformer, as the on-load tap-changer is based on proven electromechanical principles