Career beginners

What chances do I have as a career beginner if I apply for an advertised position?

Depending on the job's requirements, we are happy to fill our positions with graduates. The prerequisites, alongside your technical qualifications and initial practical experience which you gained during internships or work-study programs, also always include your personality.

What courses of study are of particular interest to MR?

Electrical and mechanical engineers are particularly in demand at our company. However, there are many other areas available for graduates of other courses of study. Whether you are an economist, lawyer, or computer science specialist, in our company, there are many possibilities. Simply get information on the current job offerings on our online application portal; or apply on your own initiative.

Is there also the option of working in a foreign subsidiary of MR?

We offer you the opportunities of an internationally growing company. Above all, in the sales, service, and technical departments, in our international subsidiaries, there are always very good assignment and development options for our employees. However, because our activities are primarily controlled by our corporate headquarters in Regensburg, Germany, most of the assignment and development possibilities are located there.

What means does MR prefer for application?

Please apply via our online application portal.

What does the application process at MR look like?

The application process at our company is as follows:


You will receive feedback approx. 4 weeks after your application is received by our system.