Industrial mechanic (mechanical and systems engineering)

Career description

Industrial mechanic in mechanical and systems engineering

Your work area

As an industrial mechanic (mechanical and systems engineering), you install, maintain and adapt machines and production systems. You put them into service, operate and maintain them.

Departments you can work in later at MR

  • Servicing operating facilities, production and process-related systems
  • Assembly
  • Prototype construction
  • Technical service
  • Quality assurance

Duration of training

3½ years

Content of training (excerpt)

  • Manual and machine-based cutting of different materials
  • Using separating and shaping techniques
  • Joining materials (such as gluing, soldering, welding, etc.)
  • Assembling components into assemblies using routings, tools, equipment and measuring devices
  • Commissioning machines and systems
  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering
  • Control technology (pneumatics / electro-pneumatics, hydraulics).


  • Qualified secondary education diploma / German "Mittlere Reife" status or equivalent
  • Technical talent

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