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Internship in Germany, working student, thesis, vacation jobs:

Fabian Roidl
+49 (0) 941 / 4090 - 2731

Internship abroad:
Petra Backes
+49 (0) 941 / 4090 - 9167

College/university students

The best time to prepare for the optimal start to your dream job

Nothing is more helpful than experience when it comes to applying knowledge from your post-secondary education to the real world. This is because you can only know which area you would like to work in for the long-term by experiencing the challenges of the real employment world firsthand. In addition, the experience boost that you will have after completing a field test at MR will look great on your resume.

You can apply your theoretical knowledge at our company as part of the following activities:

We are particularly on the lookout for applicants from the following subject areas:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Economics
  • Information Science

However, there are employment opportunities for students from other subject areas as well.

The best option is to take a look at our open positions or to provide an unsolicited application via our online application portal.