Technology and marketing
(Product lifecycle management)

In product lifecycle management, the job duties range from market observation and analysis, product portfolio management, to basic and product development and creating a market-ready product range. The entry-level opportunities in the Technology and Marketing areas are just as diverse.

What awaits you

As the inventor of the tap changer and a forerunner in vacuum technology, we would like to share our more than 100 years of experience with you. Over generations, we have gained a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the regulation of transformers, the necessary measuring technology, the technical design of tap changers, and the quality assurance of electrical energy distribution systems. Today, we are still setting technological standards. Our globally unique trial and innovation center and state-of-the-art CAD and simulation systems provide the optimal conditions for this. We are always looking for new trends in technology and innovation, and are active in new, promising fields of business. In this way, we also create the energy of tomorrow.

What we expect

In the technology and marketing segments, we mainly employ people in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics technology, and economics. We are looking for people who are excited about technology, who are constantly expanding their knowledge, and like to share their experience with colleagues. Additionally, we expect you to have the ability to innovate, be solution-oriented, and have a personal curiosity and openness to new things. Flexibility in approaching changing tasks is just as important as the ability to communicate and the desire to network, both in and for the company.

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