Pleasent working environment

The satisfaction of our employees is extremely important to us. We monitor it regularly with an in-house questionnaire. Recently, 80% of employees evaluated their job as very good. We do quite a bit to earn this ranking. To foster a sense of community, we hold festivals and team events - including barbecues, soccer tournaments, driving go-carts, and motorcycle safety training.

At our Christmas party, our retirees are also most welcome. Because our connection does not end with the beginning of retirement. Many events feature performances by our band, Musikfabrik Reinhausen, which was brought to life by employees and whose fees are donated to worthy causes.
Management also places great value on staying in close contact with the employees. Through the management blog and the onsite management presentations, our employees have the opportunity to interact directly with management.

High identification with MR is also expressed in our low turnover rate, which lies significantly below the industry average. An example: two-thirds of our former trainees from the last 25 years are still with the company.

You can find information on the benefits of our international subsidiaries here here.