Work-life balance

We have your back – even outside work. To help you bring the various demands of career and family into harmony, we have assembled a comprehensive package of measures.

In order to enable a balanced relationship between work and free time, we offer flexible daily and weekly working hours to our employees. In this way, you can arrange your contractual working times according to your personal requirements. Our individual part-time solutions range from shortening of working hours to dividing your job (job sharing). Of course, our part-time staff benefits from the same assistance programs as their full-time colleagues. In some cases, we also offer the opportunity to work from home. Moreover, the option of maintaining a long-term account for wage-contract employees provides the opportunity, by saving overtime hours, to take additional free time, for example, to get further education or to go into well-deserved retirement earlier.

Jobs can only be created and secured in a "healthy" company. For that, we need not only economic success, but also healthy employees. For MR, it is a matter of course that we provide not only optimal in-house medical care, but also foster the fitness and well-being of our personnel. Therefore, alongside various company sports groups, we offer subsidies for health-promoting and preventative activities.

Our employees have the opportunity to inform themselves on current health topics in our regularly-appearing health flyer and in training sessions and talks on topics such as "Pain-free backs", "Stress and relaxation" or "Eating healthy". Vaccinations, quit-smoking seminars or training courses on taking care of your back are additional components of our health offerings.




Since 2007, right next door to our corporate headquarters in Reinhausen, there is the "Villa Kunter-bunt“ daycare, in which children from 0-3 years are lovingly cared for. Thanks to our in-house vacation program for 3 1/2 to 12-year-old children, you can leave your children in good hands even during summer vacation. Your children can gain interesting insights into other cultures from native speakers at our English language camps, allowing them to improve their English skills in a fun, engaging way. Alongside a subsidy for childcare, we also offer assistance in selecting kindergartens and schools near the company.

In addition to compatibility between job and family, we also actively seek to provide an equal employment opportunity.


Parental leave

Our employees benefit from comprehensive advising before, during and after parental leave. By providing opportunities for professional development and regular contact during maternity or paternity leave, we make sure our staff don't lose touch with their work and can easily return to MR.
Individual part-time models ease the return during and after parental leave and also enable caring for family members.

Even during planned deployments abroad, the concerns of your family will be comprehensively taken into account.