Systematic development

We have high standards - including for your development!

Life-long learning is the benchmark for us. We work together on many innovations and continuously expand our horizons, both as people and as an organization. In doing so, we stand with both feet firmly grounded on knowledge. Personal expertise and experience in applications are the chief pillars of our corporate success. Therefore, we place great importance on continuing education for every employee. This begins with vocational training of young people and continues throughout every phase of life.

The basis for individual advancement is the annual employee meeting, where the manager and employee sit down to review performance and collaboration and plan development measures together. They can choose from our professional development catalog with over 1000 offerings. These include training courses to impart technical, management and leadership skills as well as training to promote social and methodological skills. Where necessary, we also put together individual packages of measures. To ensure excellent service and outstanding product quality everywhere in the world, we regularly invite international colleagues to Regensburg for training at one of our subsidiaries. Alternatively, we organize corresponding onsite training courses on location at our subsidiaries.

Your career is important to us. At MR, you can work your way up from trainee to department head. This stems from our efforts to continually identify which of our employees have exceptional potential and to provide directed development for them. Our goal is to fill as many positions as possible by promoting from within and thus to continue to strengthen our corporate culture.


The MR support program offers our young people with high potential personal and professional development. In addition to conveying key skills, having participants draft a project is a fixed part of the concept. True to the motto "learning from the real world for the real world," we implement modern forms of learning in the process, such as action learning, where employees learn from a real problem and thus can optimally carry over the content to their everyday work. The program's interdisciplinary project teams make it the ideal opportunity to build a broad-based network at MR.

Managers motivate employees and play a critical role in our success. So that we leave nothing to chance, we devote a great deal of energy to management development. That is to the benefit of all of our employees because with good management, our work is even more enjoyable. In addition to providing training in key areas of expertise, we work continually on improving management work. For this purpose, managers receive systematic feedback from supervisors and employees.Likewise, upper management reflects regularly on its leadership work and systematically pursues further development. In addition, experienced managers at MR can take part in a two-year General Management Program carried out in conjunction with the Malik Management Institute in St. Gallen, Switzerland.