OILTAP® M to VACUTAP® VM® - Plug and Play

The IKK in Brazil is a pioneer in the national manufacture of steel granules. An extremely energy-intensive application, which makes heavy demands on on-load tap-changers. The OILTAP® M III used up to now has completed almost 750,000 switching operations without problems. With its “plug and play“ solution, MR offers a fast, simple change from oil to vacuum.

At IKK too, only the diverter switch insert was exchanged for a VACUTAP® VM® – the tap selector and the oil compartment remain unchanged and will still be used. The VACUTAP® VM® is 100% connection-compatible with the OILTAP® M. An economic alternative – especially for applications with an extremely high number of operations. A maintenance interval of 300,000 switching operations minimizes the maintenance requirement while providing excellent reliability and a long lifespan.

In addition, a maintenance-free MTraB® dehydrating breather was installed, which contributes to an increase in the operational safety of transformers and tap-changers.