REINHAUSEN solutions for reliable and efficient power generation

Power generation with a high level of electrical efficiency

Meeting high productivity requirements

Regardless of whether you operate a coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired or nuclear power plant, any extension of the runtime usually requires investments in modern operating equipment. This is the only way to adapt the efficiency and thus the productivity of existing power plants to the current requirements. This includes minimizing the downtimes and achieving high availability and a high level of utilization, which requires maximum reliability of the deployed operating equipment, such as transformers.

Innovative products and services for optimized power generation

The REINHAUSEN Group supports you worldwide in optimizing power generation, with an extensive range of products and tailor-made services.
This starts with the step-up transformer, which steps up the generated voltage on a country-specific basis, for example to 420 kV in Germany, in order to minimize power loss in current transmission. Our on-load tap-changers and de-energized tap-changers , designed to meet the requirements of power plant and transformer power, offer you unsurpassed reliability and efficiency. This naturally also applies for the on-load and de-energized tap-changers that are used in the auxiliary transformers of your power plant.

In addition to our reliable on-load tap-changers, innovative electronic products are also available, which can assist you to increase operational reliability. The transformer accessories are more than equal to the extreme stress challenges in a power plant. Thanks to the reliability and speed of the REINHAUSEN Group’s worldwide service network, power plant outages for maintenance work can be performed within a very short time – a further element in optimizing your power plant output.

Where composite hollow insulators for high-voltage devices in the power plant, such as transformer bushings, instrument transformers, etc. are concerned, you can rely on the products of the Reinhausen Power Composites (RPC), which are at the forefront of technology.

The business division Power Quality (PQ) will examine the structure of the power supply of the power plant's auxiliary power supply on a project-specific basis, where requirements for ensuring optimized active and reactive power flow, as well as the minimization of harmonics in the network are concerned. The voltage quality can be affected if powerful converters for pumps are used or the gas turbines started up, and must be corrected to standard by filter circuit systems.

HIGHVOLT offers mobile high-voltage test systems for analyzing the device status of transformers, generators, etc.