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    Power Quality Analyzer SIEMOS PQ

    The three-phase network analysis system SIEMOS PQ is the ideal tool for the daily discovery and analysis of power quality problems in electrical networks. It meets the specifications of IEC 61000-4-30, class A, regarding the demands on a modern and flexibly utilizable measuring system. This means that the SIEMOS PQ network analysis system permits advanced analyses for all kinds of structured power distribution systems and consistent testing of standards.

    With the help of the SIEMOS PQ network analysis system, the power quality of medium and low-voltage power distribution systems of both industry and those power providers using such networks can be analyzed and evaluated based on the three-phase measurement of the relevant network parameters. SIEMOS PQ can acquire up to 1750 different system values (e.g., voltage, current, frequency, power, voltage unbalances, flicker, harmonics and intermediate harmonics) in one continuous recording. Based on the particular measuring task, any measuring interval between 1 second and up to 30 minutes can be selected without restriction of the number of parameters to be analyzed. In addition, threshold and limit values, evaluation algorithms and measuring functions can be flexibly adjusted to the particular evaluation task.

    The SIEMOS PQ network analysis system records a wide range of details applicable to the parameters selected by the user. Just a few examples:

    • Cyclic data (network frequency, voltages, currents, powers)
    • Manually and automatically-triggered oscilloscope recordings
    • Manually and automatically-triggered recordings of 10-msec rms (root-mean-square) values
    • Audio-frequency ripple control signals
    • Power quality events

    The data acquired by the SIEMOS PQ network analysis system can be easily evaluated with the WinPQ mobil software included in the delivery. Both individual evaluations and automatically generated reports based on previously defined standard values are possible.

    Application areas

    • Analysis of both steady-state and transient system faults
      Recognition of the cause of device malfunctions for later damage minimization and preventive maintenance
    • Adherence to service quality demands
      Verifying the power quality at the Point-of-Common-Coupling (PCC) or at the power feed-in point
    • Power quality measurements
      Evaluation of the existing power quality conditions in order to verify the compatibility of new technological installations with critical system conditions in the planning stage already
    • Load profile measurements
      Check and verification of the supply and load consumption capacity of electrical systems before connecting any new loads
    • Evaluation of power consumption and network quality
      Check of the effects of system improvements by measuring power consumption, power factors and the general network quality before and after the improvement measures

    The SIEMOS PQ network analysis system includes the basic device, extensive accessories for the connection of voltage and current channels based on system-side conditions (for voltages: direct connection or connection via transformer; for currents: galvanically isolated via Rogowski coils or mini current connectors) and a stable transportation case.