MR Provided VACUTAP® on-load tap-changer for the 1st offshore wind park in China

Out at sea, 14 square kilometers off the East Sea Bridge in Shanghai, 34 wind turbines with a size of 3MW each will be installed by the end of 2009 and are expected to generate 267 million kWh annually. The clean power will be transmitted to the 110 kV Substation of Donghai Wind Park at a distance of 55 meters next to the bridge, stepped up to 110 kV and finally sent to the Shanghai power grid. There two VACUTAP® VRC on-load tap-changers made by MR regulate the step-up transformers.

As varying winds lead to a fluctuation of the wind power, the step-up transformers should frequently be regulated to protect the grid from unstable wind power. The supreme quality VACUTAP® VRC can perform 300,000 operations without maintenance. So, with the help of the VACUTAP® VRC, the clean wind power will be sent to the power grid more safely and reliably and finally over 100,000 households connected to the wind park in Shanghai will benefit from it.

The East Sea Bridge Offshore Wind Park is the first offshore wind park in China and the biggest one in Asia. Compared with thermal power, it is expected to save 86,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 237,400 tons of CO2 in a year. To protect the environment and make full use of wind power, three offshore wind parks with sizes between 100 and 200 MW will be set up off the coast of Lin Gang Xin Cheng and Fengxian in Shanghai.


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