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On-load tap-changer for network applications.

Your benefits at
a glance

  • Maintenance-free up to 300,000 tap-change operations with no time component
  • Change of vacuum interrupters only after 600,000 tap-change operations
  • Change of the diverter switch insert only after 1.2 million tap-change operations
  • Intended for selected alternative insulation fluids
  • Intended for operation in earthquake-prone areas
  • Also available in EX protection version with TAPMOTION ® ED motor-drive unit
  • Field experience: Over 12,000 pieces in use worldwide


Technical Data

Max. rated through-current single phase 400 A
Max. rated through-current three phase 600 A
Max. rated step voltage 2,000 V
Max. rated switching capacity
single-phase / three-phase
700 kVA
Highest voltage for equipment Um 40 - 145 kV
Application at neutral point (three-phase) or at any selectable winding position
Operating positions without change-over selector 12 max.
Operating positions with change-over selector 23 max.

Product description

It’s maintenance-free up to 300,000 operations and suitable for most network applications. Thus your transformer lifecycle costs are reduced significantly.