MR makes transformers fit for the future in Japan

    RJP is a new Premium Service Provider for MR

    MR has successfully completed the first major retrofit project in Japan managed by the Reinhausen Solutions Co. (RJP) company, which was newly established at the end of 2014. In December 2015, the diverter switch inserts (DSI) on four on-load tap-changers in a sub-station belonging to a Japanese energy provider were replaced with modern VACUTAP® VR® inserts.

    This modernization will greatly scale back the operator's maintenance program. The phase shifter transformer performs up to 30,000 tap-change operations a year so the investment will pay for itself within just a few years. Other projects of this kind are already in the pipeline.

    The preliminary work for the milestone project began a year ago. During servicing, an MR specialist measured the four existing DSIs. Because the tap changer was built by a Japanese manufacturer with a former MR license and not by MR itself, we had to ensure that the dimensions and production tolerances allowed them to be replaced with a VACUTAP® VR®.

    Once this had been technically verified and confirmed by MR specialists from design, order processing, and sales, work to produce a detailed quotation got underway. The team planned to use a VACUTAP® VR® III 1300 as a replacement for the three-phase DSI in voltage regulation. The three single-phase DSIs in phase regulation were to each be replaced by a VACUTAP® VRF II 1300. Protective equipment to improve the transformer's operational reliability is provided in the form of MESSKO® MPreC® pressure relief devices with directed oil flow, tap-change supervisory control for the tap changer and new RS2001 protective relays. Of course, new tap-changer covers had to be supplied and adapted to properly and effectively connect these safety devices and switch the new DSIs. The modernized tap changers are driven by two new TAPMOTION® ED® motor-drive units, including totally new drive shafts.

    MR is particularly proud of how smoothly the collaboration ran. The MR sales team in Regensburg were responsible for the project while planning and management of work on-site lay in the hands of RSJ. An MR service specialist undertook the work on the tap changer together with RJP colleagues. As is still common practice in Japan, the Japanese transformer manufacturer assumed complete responsibility towards the operator. All mechanical work, the connection of pipes, the installation of the new drive shafts, but also all cabling was handled by the transformer manufacturer – and delivered perfectly.

    The operator is expecting this modernization to result in a drastic drop in maintenance costs, significantly improved operating reliability, and fewer downtimes. There is no longer any need for oil filter systems.


    RJP is a Premium Service Provider
    RJP achieved another milestone in the autumn of 2015: the Japanese service company was awarded the title "Premium Service Provider" (PSP). On behalf of the PSP, Masatoshi Sagawa may undertake service work on MR products. He passed the relevant examination with flying colors. The RJP team has now successfully demonstrated through its first retrofit project that it is able to plan and carry out complex projects in Japan.