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    Our iron-core reactors are dimensioned specially for the respective use in filter circuits, inductive compensation, or compensation systems with tuned reactor. This is necessary because every application has different requirements for the reactor. Particularly during the application of harmonic currents, a safety factor must be taken into account in the linearity and the saturation behavior of the reactor because the crest factor gets larger with increasing harmonic currents. Our reactors are made with special air gap configurations and the latest winding technology; as a result, there is a very small power loss in operation and, consequently, a high degree of reliability. An integrated bimetal switch or a PTC sensor element optionally provides for additional operational reliability.

    • Low-loss design
    • High linearity range for harmonic currents
    • Low noise emissions


    Our D85 discharge reactor is for discharging capacitor steps. When the capacitor is switched on, the reactor generates almost no losses due to the high inductive reactance. This is an advantage compared to the capacitor's discharge resistor, as this guides additional waste heat to the capacitor. The D85 reactor also has the advantage that the DC charge is reduced much faster than with a discharge resistor after the capacitor has been disconnected from the line (τ < 10 s). The D85 is not intended for use on thyristor systems because, due to the operating principle, DC voltage is applied to the capacitors in a switched-off state.

    • Reduced operating losses compared to a discharge resistor
    • Quick capacitor discharging
    • 800 V rated voltage due to vacuum-impregnated winding