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    Reactive power controllers

    For every application, we have the fitting controller in stock. Our offerings include the BLR-CX standard controller with basic measurement, control and monitoring functions for controlling contactor-switched compensation systems, and controllers with a full graphic display, integrated harmonics analysis and energy measurement. These high-tech controllers, such as the BLR-CM or DynamiC, also provide highly dynamic control modes for controlling thyristor actuators via transistor outputs.

    The proven standard component for your compensation system has all necessary functions to control your compensation with up to 14 relay switching outputs. Moreover, a sophisticated step and line monitoring system provides for secure operation of the system, the maintenance of capacitor discharge times, and uniform step utilization levels at all times.

    Plug & Play - The microprocessor in the controller has an intelligent commissioning algorithm that adapts the measurement connections and phase position fully automatically, so that even voltage measurement is possible on the primary side of transformers. Additionally, the step size of your compensation system is automatically recognized during commissioning.

    • Self-adapting controller for simple commissioning
    • Up to 14 relay outputs
    • Comprehensive protection and monitoring functions for reliable system operation
    • Voltage measurement 50 V to 530 V (LL or LN), voltage measuring range 5 A

    Our recommendation with additional line analysis functions and full graphics display for increased operating comfort. This BLR-CM has a quick control mode that can be used for short switching times in thyristor systems, such as in flicker compensation systems. Of course, the CM controller also has a sophisticated, freely configurable alarm system, automatic commissioning programs, and comes upon request with a RS485 Modbus RTU interface for control system connection. Moreover, the controller is suitable for determining a comprehensive range of measurement values, such as current and voltage harmonics, distortion factors, output, temperature and work. The controller has menus in German, English, and French.

    • Self-adapting controller for simple commissioning
    • Up to 12 relays or transistor outputs with quick control mode
    • Comprehensive line measurement functions integrated, including a data storage option
    • Extended representation of the operating data with full graphic display
    • Voltage measurement 90 V to 550 V (LL or LN), voltage measuring range 5 A

    The Pro-Con /DynamiC controller family is characterized by an optimized control response; in this, even the switching operations of the contactors and the switching times for the individual steps are monitored. This leads to a long system lifespan through uniform aging of capacitors and contactors. Depending on beginning configuration, a mixed operation of dynamic thyristor steps and contactor-switched compensation steps is possible. The controller, like all of our controllers, has a self-adapting program for simple commissioning. This controller is particularly well suited for international applications, because the menu is language-independent.

    • Self-adapting controller with a learning program for simple commissioning
    • Up to 12 relay outputs (Pro-Con) or transistor outputs (DynamiC) with quick control mode
    • Integrated comprehensive monitoring and protective functions
    • Optimized control algorithm for equal step utilization levels
    • Voltage measurement 90 V to 550 V (LL or LN), voltage measuring range 5 A
    • Measured current 400 V, other currents also available as options, voltage measuring range 5 A