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    Three-phase power capacitors using MKK technology

    Our self-healing MKK high-power capacitors are the key components for building compensation solutions. -Our capacitors are specially optimized for use in compensation systems, and provide you with the highest level of reliability and safety in your application. The low-loss, concentrated windings of the capacitors are designed using dry technology and sealed in an aluminum housing with a non-toxic nitrogen atmosphere. In the case of an internal error, the internal winding connections are disconnected from the network with an optimized breakaway device. This helps prevent additional subsequent damage. The capacitors are available with different capacitances and rated voltages and come from the factory with a plug-in discharging resistor.

    • High reliability thanks to a self-healing capacitor winding
    • Long service life >100,000 h and ability to withstand strong surge currents
    • Integrated failsafe via an overpressure breakaway device
    • Low power loss (< 0.4 W per kvar)