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ReCoTec® HTV-Extrusion

Your benefits
at a glance

  • Single piece solutions up to 12,5m
  • Proven by special test and long term market experience (>30 years)
  • Low leakage currents
  • Special HVDC profiles available

ReCoTec® hollow composite insulators offer a number of advantages compared to conventional porcelain insulators. They are substantially lighter, extremely durable and earthquake resistant. They maintain their water-repellent characteristics, and thus their excellent insulating properties, even under extreme environmental conditions. In the event of failure or external damage, they are explosion proof and do not scatter hazardous parts.

  • All requirements of IEC 61462 and IEC 62217 fulfilled
  • Salt fog test passed with increased salinity above the standard requirement
  • Mechanical and tightness test passed at -60°C and +105°C
  • Resistance against various insulation fluids and SF6 decomposition products proven

Design properties

- High Flexibility
- High resistance against erosion/tracking
- Direct molding on customer applications

Product Range

- From 24kV up to 1.100kV DC and AC
- Different conical shaped insulators



Further technologies