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Protective devices & accessories.

For transformers and on-load tap-changers.

The maintenance-free MESSKO® MTraB® dehydrating breather is used in oil-insulated transformers, reactors and tap changers to remove moisture from the air drawn into oil conservators. The incoming air is fed over the drying agent (silicate gel) and dried. The MTraB® monitors moisture levels and itself. The status is indicated using signaling contacts.

The MESSKO® MSafe® Buchholz relay is used as a central protective device for liquid-filled transformers and reactors with expansion tanks. It triggers if gas accumulates or if there is a sudden increase in flow speed as well as in the event of oil loss. This prevents potential damage to the transformer at an early stage.

The RS2001 protective relay is designed to protect the tap changer and transformer from faults inside the tap-changer and/or selector-switch oil tank. It activates when the specified speed of oil flow between the tap-changer head and oil conservator is exceeded due to a fault.

The MESSKO® MPreC pressure relief device is designed for pressure increases in the oil systems of transformers and tap changers. If the permissible valve-activation pressure is exceeded, the device opens within milliseconds.

The MESSKO® MFloC monitors the flow of coolant in the oil-water cooling circuit of transformers and reliably recognizes and reports pump failure in an instant. There are two micro-switches (change-over switches) permanently fitted for electric signaling.

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