Greater energy flexibility and cost-effectiveness through use of energy accumulators

Energy accumulators are an attractive solution in all situations where energy supply and consumption need to be made synchronous or asynchronous. In industrial grids especially, energy accumulators help to significantly cut energy costs. The GRIDCON® ACF ESS from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) is a perfectly matched combination of active filter and energy accumulator.

New technologies in the fields of converters, storage cells, and capacitors are making ever more comprehensive and cost-effective forms of use possible. In industrial and power-hungry environments in particular, what is known as peak shaving is reducing load peaks and therefore energy costs. Energy providers and commercial customers agree on a price per kilowatt, which is mainly defined by the maximum load. The higher a peak load, the higher the total annual energy costs – even if this load peak only occurs once. The more the maximum load can be reduced through peak shaving, the more energy costs can be saved. Energy accumulators have a key role to play here. They take in energy when the load is below a defined maximum load and release it before the load exceeds a certain limit. The energy accumulator's charging process can be designed to suit the consumption pricing model. Case studies of industrial peak shaving confirm the huge potential savings to be made from using energy accumulators.

With GRIDCON® ACF ESS, the energy accumulator is connected to the central control unit of the active filter and parameterized and controlled with ease via the touch panel. The 3-level circuit is based on twelve IGBTs. Using special circuitry, this provides high inverter voltages for connecting batteries directly without additional converters. The system is designed for a connection voltage of up to 480 V. Energy storage of up to 2.4 MWh is possible in one system with an output of 400 kW. Considerably higher values are possible in an integrated network.

The GRIDCON® ACF ESS has just as relevant a role to play in the integration of renewable energies through power leveling. Energy generated by the sun and wind can always be taken in if there is not sufficient load for this energy to be consumed directly at that time. This allows the energy provider to strike the best possible balance between volatile generation and fixed feed-in requirements. This results in much greater integration and use of renewable energies and cost savings for the operator because energy schedules can be observed with great accuracy.

The combination of reactive power compensation, active filter, and energy accumulator in ONE system optimizes energy costs while also making optimum use of capacity and delivering very high levels of process reliability. The tried and tested modular concept allows systems to be adapted to specific applications and retrofitted.

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