Internship in Germany

A good foundation for your future.

Cool city, good studies, nice people. The only thing missing to make your university days unforgettable is a cool internship.

Build your professional future on practical experience with a global market leader. At MR, you will gain insights into a wide variety of disciplines and can demonstrate the abilities you have gained from your studies – all with an attractive salary.



Your field of study Through our wide array of technology areas and departments, we offer opportunities in a variety of disciplines, including computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and economics.
Length of internship Compulsory internship up to 6 months
Voluntary internship up to 3 months
Application deadlines At least 4–5 months before the planned start of the internship
Summer semester: start of September through the end of November
Winter semester: start of March through the end of May
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Confirmation Summer semester: until mid-December
Winter semester: until mid-June
Remuneration €534.00/month through 3rd semester; €1,026.00/month as of 4th semester

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