MESSKO® PrimeLab® - Diagnostic Services

Oil analysis for the highest operational reliability

Your benefits
at a glance:

  • Detailed analysis of the oil samples, comprehensive testing report and graphic data processing
  • Meaningful status analysis of the transformer, tap changer or other equipment
  • Simple and clean sample removal thanks to sample removal kit
  • Oil diagnostics with added value - economically sensible recommendations for action
  • Increased operational reliability by efficient, early fault detection: Prevents interruptions and downtimes

Product description

Reliability due to condition monitoring

Power transformers are some of the most important pieces of equipment in power supply networks and industrial applications and, at the same time, some of the most expensive. Operators are faced with ever-increasing demands: higher loads combined with longer and longer operating times. Regular status monitoring of the transformer and on-load tap-changer is therefore essential in order to guarantee maximum operational reliability.

Low-energy partial discharges and leakage currents, local and temporary overheating and other faults cause the liquid and solid insulating materials to create gases and age faster. These faults, exacerbated by increasing electrical and thermal stress, can lead to extremely costly failures and irreparable damage in transformers if not detected in time. The PrimeLab® gas-in-oil analysis by MESSKO is a safe and proven method of assessing the internal condition of a transformer or an oil-filled piece of equipment.

Identifying faults before they occur

Our in-house oil laboratory, equipped with a gas chromatography analysis system and a Karl Fischer titration system, is state-of-the-art in an ultramodern analysis laboratory for chemical and physical investigation methods.
All relevant fault gases dissolved in oil (H2, CO, CO2 and hydrocarbons) can be evaluated with MESSKO® PrimeLab® and it is possible to make reliable statements in respect of oil quality and moisture content. The different concentrations of detected fault gases provide information allowing one to draw conclusions about thermal and energy-based faults in the transformer or on-load tap-changer. MESSKO® PrimeLab® also offers the opportunity to check the measuring accuracy of multi-gas sensors of various online monitoring systems.

Each analysis kit comes with a comprehensive sampling kit including extraction line and questionnaire on system data and operating parameters. The analysis results obtained and appropriate recommendations for action are supplied by e-mail, fax or telephone.



Scope of supply

  • Sampling kit with syringe, tube, 2+3-way valve
  • Optional: 1-litre flask
  • Sample information sheet
  • Sampling instructions for transformers / on-load tap-changers