REINHAUSEN solutions for aluminum production


Much of the cost associated with producing aluminum is spent on electricity. Sites with rising electricity prices in particular have to work at maximum productivity and consistently minimize energy costs. Alongside the motors for the mills and rotary furnaces, the other main consumers are the electrolytic smelting furnaces. Transformers with complex control windings and therefore tap changers with many tap positions and de-energized tap-changers keep the voltage in the electrolysis process of the individual melting ends stable. The demand for reactive power and harmonics result in further costs and may overload the equipment. Appropriate filter and compensation systems resolve the problem and avoid infringements of connection requirements at the grid interconnection points.

Very powerful drives in the rolling mill require huge amounts of energy and create demand for a lot of reactive power. Compensation systems help to meet the needs of grid operators and minimize the costs of the reactive power purchased. Energy-efficient, speed-controlled drives also produce harmonics and impair the voltage quality in the grid. Suitably designed filters reduce the risk of equipment overload and avoid infringement of connection requirements at nodes to the public power supply.


Reinhausen provides products and service of the reliability you have come to expect from them. Our vacuum technology on-load tap-changers require virtually no maintenance over long periods even with a large number of tap-change operations and high performance levels. The VACUTAP® VR I HD vacuum tap-changer, for example, performs 600,000 tap-change operations without maintenance. The diverter switch insert only has to be replaced after 1.2 million tap changes. Reinhausen Power Quality analyzes your network state, offers advice, and provides ideal filters and compensation systems for your needs. Further operational reliability comes from the optimum coordination of all Power Quality components with the MR tap changers. The global and highly qualified MR service team is on site in no time at all.

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