MRcademy® returns to Taiwan

Reinhausen Asia-Pacific (RAP) had the honor of hosting an MRcademy® conference in Taiwan for the second time. The popular conference was held on May 9th in Kaohsiung, an industrial city in southwestern Taiwan.

More than 120 participants attended the conference, including representatives from the large utility provider Taiwan Power Company (TPC), transformer manufacturers as well as steel, plastics and microelectronics companies.

The MRcademy® gives experts from the high voltage industry the perfect platform for exchanging ideas and networking with colleagues. The participants actively took advantage of this opportunity. The latest technology and trends paving the way to the future in the energy sector were also presented at the conference.

The MRcademy® was hosted by Bair Yun-Nian, the Deputy Director of the Taipei Power Supply business area at TPC. In his opening speech, he highlighted the immense importance of measures for prolonging the service life of transformers. During the speech he emphasized the outstanding quality of tap changers from MR and pointed out the numerous cooperations with leading utility companies in which MR is involved.

Experts from MR, RAP and MESSKO held several well-attended presentations, with topics such as vacuum technology and dissolved gas analysis for on-load tap-changers. In addition, the new iTAP® was presented, a vacuum on-load tap-changer for use in distribution transformers, alongside the new TAPCON® with ISM® technology, the unique fleet management system from MR and the latest accessories from Messko. Highlights of the day included the video premiere of the first replacement of a VACUTAP® VM® for TPC and live maintenance on an OILTAP® M by RAP maintenance specialist Mohd Anuar Ismail.

In the evening, all of the guests were invited to a gala dinner, which provided the opportunity for everyone to exchange information in a friendly, relaxed environment. A few hidden talents also came to light during the event, brought out as part of a karaoke competition. The next day featured an open invitation to join a leisurely stroll through the E-DA Theme Park—including a ride on the giant Ferris wheel and a photo session with the E-DA mascot.

Both the event organizer RAP and the visitors had consistently positive feedback for the second MRcademy® in Taiwan. Many of the guests expressed their interest in another conference in the future.