Ceremonious handover of the first TAPCON® voltage regulator

From the left: Michael Lukas (Vattenfall Generation), Stefan Preitnacher and Werner Schafberger (both MR)
From the left: Michael Lukas (Vattenfall Generation), Stefan Preitnacher and Werner Schafberger (both MR)

Two TAPCON® units from the new generation of voltage regulators were handed over to Vattenfall Generation AG as part of a small ceremony on 5 May 2014. These devices were the first voltage regulators of the new TAPCON® generation to be delivered.

For this reason, Stefan Preitnacher, MR Sales Manager for Automation and Control, and Werner Schafberger, the responsible MR Area Sales Manager, personally handed over the two TAPCON® units to Michael Lukas of Vattenfall Generation AG, Boxberg Power Station Technical Service. The ceremony shows the special importance which voltage regulators have in energy transmission.

As part of modernization measures, two voltage regulators of the MK30E type, reliably operating at the Boxberg Power Station since the 1990s, are being replaced by two new TAPCON® units. MR not only delivered the two new TAPCON® voltage regulators, it will also handle engineering and commissioning of the two new voltage regulators on site at the Boxberg Power Station in Oberlausitz, Saxony in Germany.

The lignite-fired power station is currently among the most cutting-edge power stations in Europe. It has an installed power of 2,575 MW, delivering about 20 billion kWh of electricity every year and thereby supplying about 6 million households with power. Vattenfall has been relying on the proven MR quality for decades and uses a wide variety of MR products in its power stations. A telling example is the fact that Vattenfall has already outfitted a majority of its fleet of power transformers with the TAPGUARD® tap-changer monitoring system from MR..



Regarding the decision for the new TAPCON® regulator, Michael Lukas (Vattenfall Generation AG) said, "Due to our outstanding experience with MK30E voltage regulators, we once again chose to use MR voltage regulators, deciding without hesitation to order the new TAPCON® voltage regulator."

 Stefan Preitnacher (MR) was happy to learn about the order from long-time partner Vattenfall, saying, "We are especially thankful for the high level of confidence in the quality and technology of our products and look forward to continuing the same high level of excellent cooperation with Vattenfall Generation AG."