On mission: The troubleshooter.

Anyone working for a company with global expertise in voltage regulation is going to be on the move quite a bit. And even at his home location in Regensburg, Uwe Seltsam has a large area of operation: field work, customer meetings, technology meetings. As a group manager in troubleshooting, his daily work takes him from the office to technical departments and from putting on a suit to pulling on some overalls and back again. All with the goal of solving problems. Ideally, before they even happen. A degree in electrical engineering and many years at MR give him the knowledge and skills to accomplish this.

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Mission: The 600,000 dollar job.

The glowing hot metal starts to cool off as a cellphone rings at one in the morning at Reinhausen, 7,000 kilometers away. The report of a failure comes as a surprise. Every minute counts from here on out. Especially when a steel mill is sitting idle on the other side of the globe. Our service team moves heaven and earth. A short time later, our specialist is already sitting on a plane. His destination: Canada. There is no time for jet lag once he's there. The problem is resolved quickly. When the next shift starts, it is as if there had never been a failure. Our customer's thanks is the only reminder of what transpired.


Service: Premium.

The company that builds the best tap changers in the world can only offer one kind of service: the best. This is not just evidenced by our unconditional commitment to service calls around the world, but through a "Premium Service Provider" seal of approval. And the regular training, theoretical and practical testing and thousands of service calls per year that that entails. This is how we ensure uniform quality and service using state-of-the-art technology. No matter whether in Canada, Africa or New Zealand. Download the Premium Service brochure.


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