In action: The pioneer.

Anyone working in an innovative company with global expertise in voltage regulation will be aware of and advancing new developments before anyone else. As a Business Development Manager, Dr. Manuel Sojer and his team have a key role to play in driving the energy revolution. His job ranges from analyses of the market and competitors to marketing product innovations. Using the technology of voltage regulated distribution transformers, he helps to make it much easier for distribution networks to accommodate renewable energy. His doctorate in technology and innovation management is very useful in this respect.

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Project: Future.

The houses glow in a deep, surreal red light. Shortly after, their rooftops start to glisten and sparkle. A sunrise that seems to come from the future. As the solar cells deploy their full power, the RONT really gets going. MR’s adjustable local network transformer (RONT) can manage all the voltage fluctuations perfectly, without additional cables having to be laid. Good news for the residents. And good for the environment, because it’s not just the Wörnitz that flows through Larrieden, but also any amount of clean energy.


Technology: GRIDCON® with MR RONT.

A local network station that ensures the economic integration of renewable energies – that’s GRIDCON® by MR. In its interior, the adjustable local network transformer RONT ensures stable voltage at all times. And as usual with MR, one innovation leads to another. The project in Larrieden was thus the forerunner of a new product line: GRIDCON®, an important building block for the energy turnaround.

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