Innovative and smart data collection, analysis and communication

    As connectivity increases and higher demands are put on availability and reliability of assets deployed in mains systems, it is essential to continually evaluate the condition of your resources. Our Smart Integrated System (SIS for short) offers you a cost-effective technically-perfected solution to make asset management and operational management easier.

    Our aim is clear: Communication!

    For us, connection to commonly used control system protocols, such as IEC61850 or IEC60870-5-104, is generally standard. However, secure access via a web server and on top of this nationwide embedding of local systems and transformer substations in an overall system is even more interesting. This makes fleet management and centrally planned maintenance a reality!
    Our solution takes a small step towards this. We take the measurements from the sensors attached to the transformer and convert them at the transformer into a protocol. This makes connections between transformers and the next level easier, saving you a great deal of effort and thus money.

    Thanks to our new product, Integrated Smart Module, ISM®, you can not only monitor the temperatures, the tap- changers and the transformers, but also, for instance, evaluate the transformer load and power flow. ISM® makes it possible to plan your operation, the load, the maintenance and the replacement of your resources purposefully.


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