Dazhong Shen

    Education: Degree in electrical engineering, doctorate at the Grenoble Institute of Technology
    Position: Area Sales Manager
    At MR since: 2002

    "After I finished my bachelor's in electrical engineering at Chongqing University in 1982, I had the unique opportunity to study at the famous Grenoble Institute of Technology. In addition to the five-year long graduate program, I also received my doctorate there. After receiving my doctorate, I moved to Germany to devote my time to research and development for industrial projects as part of teaching activities at the University of Aachen. An engineer position at a transformer manufacturer then led me to Regensburg, where I eventually learned about MR in 2002. At that time, MR was searching for highly qualified employees with in-depth real-world experience. I started as the head of the "Application Technology" department, while also becoming a leading advisor for aspects related to China.

    A technical presentation at an international trade show in Shanghai in 2005 definitely provided one of the personal tests that let me prove my worth at MR. At the time, I made the decision to hold the presentation in Chinese even though I hadn't lived in China since studying for my master's and only had the opportunity to speak Chinese at home with my family. Taking part in and holding the successful presentation at that trade show was also my jumping-off point for in-depth contact with the Chinese market.

    What fascinates me about my employer? In China, I frequently encounter customers that ask me what the true strengths of the MR brand are. Then I always tell them about the history of MR, the management model, the technologies and the comprehensive quality control. This clearly shows them that MR's success is no accident."