Andreas Raith

    Education: Mechanical engineering (Regensburg University of Applied Sciences)
    Position: Designer for new developments
    At MR since: December 2009

    “I learned about MR at the "Connecta" job fair at the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences when I was a student. After a positive discussion with employees at the company's booth, I applied for an internship in technical design, for which I was then accepted. As an intern I was quickly integrated in a team of engineers and other specialists. Together, we worked on many interesting projects and had a great deal of responsibility. In conjunction with the internship, I also wrote my thesis at MR and was eventually hired on in late 2009 as a design engineer in the Tap Selector and de-energized tap-changer area.

    Alongside my involvement in new development, the highlight for me during my time at MR was a three-day transformer seminar in Switzerland. This stemmed from the fact I was able to gain so much insight into my vocational field.
    What makes MR such a special employer? For me, it's the combination of a familiar work atmosphere, job security independent of economic fluctuations and above-average social benefits and salary rates.
    That is why I'd also like to actively contribute to exciting development projects that continue to keep MR in its position as a technology leader well into the future.”