ReCoTec® innovations

Our innovations, such as conical ReCoTec® insulators, ReCoTec® with integrated fiber-optic cables and ReCoTec® with flanges made of FRP material, help our customers secure and expand their market leadership.

Conical ReCoTec® insulators

Insulators ending in a point are available in the dimensions listed below.
Please contact us if you need other dimensions.

ReCoTec® with integrated optical fibers

The integrated fiber-optic cables can be used for current and voltage transformers and supporting insulators for exchanging measurement and monitoring signals between high-voltage and a ground.

Primary characteristics:

  • Up to 24 individual cables possible
  • Connections based on customer specifications
  • Hollow or with fixed filling

ReCoTec® with FRP flanges

This insulator can be used for all types of applications.

Primary characteristics:

  • Increased arc distance
  • Decreased Foucault currents (smaller Corona ring or none at all required)
  • Flexible flange design possible
  • Delivery time reduction

ReCoTec® without silicone

Primarily for use in indoor applications and connecting systems in wind turbines to insulate the generator from the gearbox.