(Foreign language) Business manager


Job title

Industrial business manager / Foreign language industrial business manager

Your work area

As a (foreign language) industrial business manager, you ensure that business processes at MR function smoothly. You will go through various departments during your training so that you get a look at the big picture for this task. In materials management, you will, among other tasks, compare quotations, negotiate with suppliers, and provide support for goods acceptance and storage. Your area of responsibility in sales includes drafting costings and price lists and carrying out contract negotiations with customers. In addition, you will draft targeted marketing strategies. If you are working in the accounting or finance departments, you will process, post and check the processes occurring during business transactions. In HR, you will determine personnel requirements, play a role in recruiting and selection and plan personnel assignment.

During your training at MR, you will go through various departments, including

  • Finance and accounting, controlling
  • Export processing
  • Materials management
  • Purchasing
  • Sales, marketing
  • Human resources
  • Organizational department
  • Quality management
  • Production planning
  • Warehouse

You can also work at MR in one of these departments later.

Duration of training

2½ or 3 years

Content of training (excerpt)

  • Position, legal form and structure of the training company
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Markets, customers, products and services
  • Business processes and organizational structures
  • Planning and organization
  • Logistics, financing, controlling
  • Marketing and sales
  • Order processing
  • Demand assessment and scheduling
  • Human Resources Services


  • Good grades
  • Good English skills
  • Motivation, commitment and engagement
  • Open and articulate personality

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