Process mechanic for plastic and rubber technology


Job title

Process mechanic for plastic and rubber technology

Your work area

As a process mechanic for plastic and rubber technology, you set up the corresponding product machines and systems and prepare the raw mixtures and materials or semi-finished products. You monitor the machining processes and correct them. You check the quality of the finished products, clean and maintain the production equipment and service it.

Typical application field for process mechanics at MR

Operating production equipment for manufacturing and processing plastic parts.

Department you can work in later at MR

Production of hollow composite insulators in our Reinhausen Power Composites business area

Training duration

3 years

Content of training (excerpt)

  • Basics of metal machining
  • Operating conventional machine tools
  • Quality inspection and assurance
  • Checking the operational readiness of machines or systems before running them
  • Setting up machines and systems, configuring process data
  • Recognizing, localizing and correcting manufacturing disruptions
  • Maintenance and care of machines


  • Qualified secondary education diploma / German "Mittlere Reife" status or equivalent
  • Technical talent

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