Contact Person

    Stefan Thür
    +49 (0) 941 / 4090 - 2861

    Mechatronics engineer

    Job title

    Mechatronics engineer

    Your work area

    • As a mechatronics engineer, you process materials manually and by machine and assemble mechanical, electromechanical, electric and electronic components into mechatronic systems.
    • You assemble manufactured components and system parts, put the systems into operation and operate them. Measuring and inspecting systems and components are also a part of this. You also service these systems and system components.
    • You employ your capacities at different locations, primarily in workshops, at the assembly location or in the service area.

    Departments you can work in later at MR

    • Servicing
    • Assembly 
    • Proving grounds
    • Technical service

    Duration of training

    3½ years

    Content of studies (excerpt)

    • Basics of metal processing
    • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering
    • Basics of circuitry and control technology (incl. PLC)
    • Building and inspecting electrical equipment and systems
    • Going through different manufacturing departments of mechanical processing and assembly
    • Introduction to the After-Sales Service department


    • Qualified secondary education diploma / German "Mittlere Reife" status or equivalent
    • Technical talent

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