“UVT upgrade“ for old Westinghouse tap-changers

It is a little known fact, but our American subsidiary Reinhausen Manufacturing (RM) evolved in 1990 from the on-load tap-changer division of the company Westinghouse. MR therefore has the required expertise to develop a simple exchange solution for old Westinghouse on-load tap-changers.

Since the early 1970s, Westinghouse has been producing UVT reactor-type tap-changers. Around 5,000 units were put into operation, including installations in Australia, Brazil and Egypt. In the meantime, very few spare parts are available for these older on-load tap-changers, leading to problems keeping them alive. So MR has developed a smart vacuum exchange solution – the “UVT upgrade“.

You gain a reliable solution consisting of proven modules of the VACUTAP® type RMV-II tap-changer without the need for welding or cutting work on the transformer tank. The entire “inner” contact system, which is already preassembled in modules, is replaced (only the selectors remain). The motor drive is also replaced. The assembly costs are thus kept low and the entire exchange can be performed without difficulty in just a few days. This exchange solution is thus saving considerable time and cost as compared with replacing the complete on-load tap-changer.

With the RMT-I slide-in retrofit, MR offers a retrofit solution for the Westinghouse type UTT reactor tap-changers. The “UVT upgrade“ now makes a cost-effective MR solution possible for the second important Westinghouse tap-changer.


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