New subsidiary – PT. Reinhausen Indonesia

A wealth of Indonesian tradition at the opening ceremony

Together with approximately 70 high-ranking guests from power companies and industry as well as from various partner firms and business friends, leading representatives of MR celebrated the official dedication of the PT. Reinhausen Indonesia (RID) in Jakarta on September 20, 2011.

Christoph Häring, Sales Manager of the newly founded subsidiary, impressed those invited by holding his entire welcome speech in Indonesian. The invited customers were, of course, very much impressed. Afterwards, the guests had the opportunity to tour the rooms at the German Center. The RID team gave a presentation informing the guests of the previous and future work of the REINHAUSEN Group in Indonesia. It is hoped that the creation of the new subsidiary and its proximity to customers will attract new business, particularly in the area of Asset Management.

The actual opening was held in the country’s typical tradition with a “Cut Rice” ceremony. The tip of a rice cone is distributed to the people who deserve special thanks. Sales Director Konrad Osswald, Konrad Roider (Regional Sales Director Asia Pacific), RID Executive Manager Tim Farrell and Haryanto Tanara, MR’s On Site Representative were honored with this traditional gesture. All these people were instrumental in creating the MR’s 18th representation abroad.

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