The mobile lab solution

MESSKO® PrimeLab® Mobile

Your benefits
at a glance

  • High-quality equipment for qualified (insulating) oil analyses, incl. data interpretation for status optimization or operating lifetime extension of operating equipment
  • The laboratory’s analysis scope can be customer-defined and expanded
  • Precise and accurate analysis results thanks to the comprehensive nature of the laboratory (Laboratory Guideline BGI 850-0)
  • Short tooling times and easy transport using conventional logistics (land, water, air)
  • power supply via generator and designed for a variety of mains voltages and mains frequencies (400V/230V/110V)

On-site oil analysis to lab quality standards

The analysis of insulating oil and lubricants is a tried-and-tested method, recognized all over the world, for determining the operating condition of oil-filled, electrical equipment.

The focus is firstly on equipment with functions critical to safety and secondly on systems which are subject to stringent reliability, performance, and availability requirements. A regular check and science-based interpretation of the gases dissolved in the oil help to optimize and extend the equipment life. Based on the results of the analysis, predictive maintenance measures can be introduced at an early stage.

MESSKO's mobile oil lab MESSKO® PrimeLab® Mobile provides the solution for physiochemical and electrical analyses of samples of insulating oil, solids, and lubricants. The chief attraction of this solution is that extensive analyses can be undertaken with accuracy and precision wherever the equipment is being used with the oil lab MESSKO® PrimeLab® Mobile.

We would welcome the opportunity to plan and implement technically complex and tailored mobile/modular lab solutions to meet your requirements. For more information or an individual consultation, please e-mail us directly: