Discover how our tap changers last for decades without failing and are writing their own special history in the process – a history of legendary quality and absolute reliability.

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The sun shines brightly this morning above the transformer substation in Uirapuru near São Paulo. Technicians Edvaldo Macedo and Marcelo Dantas work under the scorching Brazilian sun despite the heat. The tap changer from MR has had to endure the same heat for more than 50 years. Even more astounding is their finding: exactly 168,871 switching operations since 1960 but hardly any signs of wear. Then the routine work – the replacement of the main contact blades and cushioning springs. Nothing else is needed to return the spry hero to his usual litheness. Macedo gives the thumbs-up. A gesture that the founders of MR would have liked to see. After all, they were the ones who shaped our standard for reliability more than 100 years ago.

Top job: Field service technician.

Nothing works without power. But just about everything works with it. The safe and reliable availability of electrical energy is a basic requirement for modern industrialized society. Our field service technicians contribute to ensuring that the supply of power for people and companies works without a hitch. They carry out maintenance and repair work for tap changers at utility providers and industrial customers throughout the world using their expertise as trained electricians, electrical engineers and mechatronics engineers. A challenging job that demands a high degree of personal responsibility and technical expertise. The spectrum of tasks includes producing spare modules and installing complete tap changer units. Routine maintenance alone would not give MR technicians enough to do in light of the extremely long maintenance intervals for our tap changers.

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Equipment: MR Type D plus MA 2.

The Type D with motor-drive unit MA 2 was the quality pioneer of our products – a promise we continue to affirm again and again. For instance, with our new VACUTAP® tap changers. They are continuing our success story with a design that goes 300,000 switching operations without maintenance.

A piece of Siberia in Regensburg.

Find out how MR technology is tested to ensure our standards for reliability in any situation.

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Order: Tests, Tests, Tests.

The thermometer in the temperature chamber is showing -60° C. The insulating oil is as viscous as honey. At these temperatures, a person would be unable to move within a very short space of time. Despite this, the on-load tap-changer completes one step operation after the next as precisely as Swiss clockwork. The door to the cold chamber opens, and a frosty mist rises up the twelve-meter-high roof of the test center, which is unique worldwide. Clothed in thickly padded protective suits, two assembly operators push the tap-changer out of the simulated Siberia. But that’s not the end of the ordeal. After a heat test at 130° C, it will be struck by an artificial bolt of lightning with 1.5 million volts. But it copes with that as well, before proving its mechanical prowess in the time lapse test. Later, it will need to operate for at least another 50 years or more without failure. A requirement that our technology meets with at all times.

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In action: Mrs. Cool.

Karin Rothenstein sends tap-changers to Siberia and to the desert. However, she places high demands on herself as well as on our products. She configures test and measuring equipment, and evaluates data precisely. She supports our tap-changers from the sample stage through to the start of production. She has scrutinized almost every MR product in this manner. A dedication that pays off at MR – in future, she will be working as a speaker for General Management.

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Research goal: 100% reliability.

If you want to continue to make the world of electrical power supply more secure, you will place great value on research and development. We have been working on new ideas every day for more than 80 years, which leads to one innovation after another. The results are very impressive. All over the world.

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Reliability on board.

Find out how MR products and staff are working ten kilometers off the Swedish coast to ensure the power supply for tens of thousands of people under adverse conditions.

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Field of use: The rough North Sea..

The taste of salt is in the air. The way out to the transformer platform of the Lillgrund wind farm is not for those with a weak stomach. The boat rolls wildly back and forth. Only persons who have successfully completed a short survival training course are allowed to go on site with the service troop. No time may be lost. The wind is blowing incredibly fast before the Danish coast. On bad days, it casts waves up to 20 meters high against the station. This is where Europe’s future energy supply is being developed. After just a short time, the tap-changer monitoring device TAPGUARD ® 260 has been installed. It’s reassuring to know that it will contribute to ensuring the power supply of 66,000 households.

In demand: The specialist.

Anyone who works in the world of power engineering loves a challenge. Our engineers in the Technical Service and Troubleshooting departments are used to solving complex technical tasks and growing with their experiences. After all, they have been through numerous trainings and a degree in engineering. Advice and support, technical negotiation with complex incidents and the functional management of staff can thus quickly become features of an exciting daily routine.

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Technology: TAPGUARD® 260.

Even when there’s a raging storm – MR tap-changers are known for their uncompromising performance in any conditions. However, that’s not enough for extreme offshore operation. Our TAPGUARD® 260 monitoring system is available for this kind of application. To ensure at all times that the tap-changer is functioning in fault-free operation.

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The future begins on a small scale.

Find out how MR makes the local generation of clean energy possible today using innovative technologies.

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Project: Future.

The houses glow in a deep, surreal red light. Shortly after, their rooftops start to glisten and sparkle. A sunrise that seems to come from the future. As the solar cells deploy their full power, the RONT really gets going. MR’s adjustable local network transformer (RONT) can manage all the voltage fluctuations perfectly, without additional cables having to be laid. Good news for the residents. And good for the environment, because it’s not just the Wörnitz that flows through Larrieden, but also any amount of clean energy.

In action: The pioneer.

Anyone working in an innovative company with global expertise in voltage regulation will be aware of and advancing new developments before anyone else. As a Business Development Manager, Dr. Manuel Sojer and his team have a key role to play in driving the energy revolution. His job ranges from analyses of the market and competitors to marketing product innovations. Using the technology of voltage regulated distribution transformers, he helps to make it much easier for distribution networks to accommodate renewable energy. His doctorate in technology and innovation management is very useful in this respect.

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Technology: GRIDCON® with MR RONT.

A local network station that ensures the economic integration of renewable energies – that’s GRIDCON® by MR. In its interior, the adjustable local network transformer RONT ensures stable voltage at all times. And as usual with MR, one innovation leads to another. The project in Larrieden was thus the forerunner of a new product line: GRIDCON®, an important building block for the energy turnaround.
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A jetsetter with a global reach.

Discover how the MR Service can solve problems at great speed - anytime and anywhere in the world.

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Mission: The 600,000 dollar job.

The glowing hot metal starts to cool off as a cellphone rings at one in the morning at Reinhausen, 7,000 kilometers away. The report of a failure comes as a surprise.
Every minute counts from here on out. Especially when a steel mill is sitting idle on the other side of the globe. Our service team moves heaven and earth. A short time later, our specialist is already sitting on a plane. His destination: Canada. There is no time for jet lag once he's there. The problem is resolved quickly. When the next shift starts, it is as if there had never been a failure. Our customer's thanks is the only reminder of what transpired. 

On mission: The troubleshooter.

Anyone working for a company with global expertise in voltage regulation is going to be on the move quite a bit. And even at his home location in Regensburg, Uwe Seltsam has a large area of operation: field work, customer meetings, technology meetings. As a group manager in troubleshooting, his daily work takes him from the office to technical departments and from putting on a suit to pulling on some overalls and back again. All with the goal of solving problems. Ideally, before they even happen. A degree in electrical engineering and many years at MR give him the knowledge and skills to accomplish this.

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Service: Premium.

The company that builds the best tap changers in the world can only offer one kind of service: the best. This is not just evidenced by our unconditional commitment to service calls around the world, but through a "Premium Service Provider" seal of approval. And the regular training, theoretical and practical testing and thousands of service calls per year that that entails. This is how we ensure uniform quality and service using state-of-the-art technology. No matter whether in Canada, Africa or New Zealand.

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