Your benefits at
a glance

  • Separation of sensor and display element with magnetic coupling
  • Radial and axial float movement with different arm lengths and up to four floats
  • UV laminated safety glass
  • Up to three adjustable or fixed limit switches (High – Low – Critical Low)
  • Optional mounting with inclination angle (15°; 30°; 45°)
  • Optional remote indication with TT30 converter; remote indication via Ei100 or Ei160

Oil level indicator MTO-ST160/STF160

MTO-ST(F)160(G) oil level indicators are measuring devices with and without switching contacts. They are ideally suited to measuring the liquid level in the conservators of transformers. The level indicator consists of a sensor and a display unit, which are linked separately. The sensor unit consists of a sealed flange plate and is installed directly in the wall of the conservator. The float arm transfers the rise and fall of the float to the spindle. This spindle is connected via a magnetic clutch to a pointer spindle in the display unit.

The movement of the float is normally radial to the casing. The "G" version is recommended for installation in narrow or flat conservators in which only limited movement is possible; in this case the float movement is axial to the casing and the display can be scaled at a ratio of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4.

These level indicators can be supplied with either one or two microswitches:

  • MTO-ST160(G): Adjustable limit switch (max. 2 changeover contacts)
  • MTO-STF160(G): Fixed limit switch (max. 3 changeover contacts)

Oil level indicator MTO-TT30

The oil level indicators of our MTO-TT30 Series are equipped with the same features of our well known MTO-Series.
Furthermore, the TT30-module enables the analogue (0....1mA; 0....20mA; 4....20mA) and digital (RS485) remote indication of the liquid level into the transformer cabinet or the control room.
For visualization of the 4....20mA signal you may use the Ei100 or El100/160 electrical display.